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Womens  Cut+Style Blow Out $37+

  Men’s Cut+Style $25+

Blow Out Styles $30+

Balayage Ombré $105+

Root Touchup and Refresh $63+

Full Color $85+

Highlights $95+

Color+Highlights $100+

Shampoo Bulk Bar

Little House of Glam has retail in a Zero Waste way. How it works is you bring your clean empty bottles in to me and I refill them with your choice of Shampoo and Conditioner. This way it is cost effective and we are saving the planet,a win win! You will be charge by the ounce. Make sure to follow Little House of Glam on Instagram for updates on what is being poured. If you have a suggestion of a product you’d like to see on the Bulk Bar please let me know!

Products Used

Here at Little House of Glam I use Keune Color. Click the link to read all about it!

Next Steps...

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